House of Perris is largely a minimalist fashion and clothing brand that currently focuses on exclusive women’s wear, which is locally produced. Founded by Perris Nkomo, a Fashion Designer and entrepreneur, she has set out to bring socially conscious fashion to the market and promote the high quality and environmental benefits of slow- fashion.


Hand Made- House of Perris specializes in the timeless personal touch of handmade knitwear. Why is handmade so special? Well, it’s almost like asking why it’s more special to receive an original hand written and hand signed letter as opposed to mass printed auto signed letter. One is clearly more meaningful than the other as each handmade piece is unique. Every stitch, knit and knot can never be perfectly identical even within the same garment. Even minute variations make each garment special as a piece of art. 



Having graduated at the design school- Ecole D'Art Maryse Eloy as a Concepteur Visuelle, she directed her creative energy to concentrate purely on fashion after 10 years of experience as a graphic designer/ Art Director in the advertising industry. She conceived the idea of the House of Perris brand in 2010, while living in the beautiful leafy suburb of Maisons Laffitte on the Il de France where she was living. The design influence came largely from living in snowy Britagne in the west of France, then moving to live in the old pictureque Papal city of Avignon on the French Riviera over 2 years, then finally settling among the lights of Paris for 8 years. House of Perris was born out of all the flavours of the vastness of cultural, scenic and style of France. Moving to sunny Johannesburg, where the brand evolved from conception to a fully-fledged fashion line. House of Perris has been embraced on the local market and is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds.